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  • Welcome to the Heart of Oklahoma! Welcome to the Heart of Oklahoma!

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  • Red Hill & Splash Pad Red Hill & Splash Pad

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  • Sharp Memorial Park

    Sharp Memorial Park is located at Red Hill and features our splash pad, play structure, and scenic overlook of the Canadian River!

    Splash Pad

    Our splash pad was constructed in 2015 with the help of a grant from TSET (Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust). Parks & Recreation generally opens the splash pad and restrooms in the first half of April, and closes them in the later half of October. Operating hours are 7:00am to 11:00pm during the open season. (photo below)


    Our playground is for kids 2 to 12 and is open year round! (photo below)

    Red Hill Pavilion

    The Red Hill Pavilion gives the most amazing scenic view of the Canadian River Valley and Conger Field. (photo below)

    Red Hill Stairs

    Constructed in 1939 by the WPA (Works Progress Administration), the Red Hill Stairs offer a challenge to anyone looking to get a strenuous workout, or just a scenic access from the top of Red Hill to Conger Field below. (photo below)

  • Contact Contact

    Parks & Recreation

    Mailing Address
    230 W. Main St.
    PurcellOK 73080
    Phone: (405) 527-7227
    Emergency: (405) 527-4600
  • Splash Pad

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  • Playground Playground

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  • Red Hill Pavillon Red Hill Pavillon

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  • Red Hill Stairs Red Hill Stairs

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  • Fitness Trail Fitness Trail

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