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  • Welcome to the Heart of Oklahoma! Welcome to the Heart of Oklahoma!

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  • Destination Purcell Destination Purcell

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  • Destination Purcell - Eat. Play. Shop. Relax. Stay.

    Purcell Tourism Committee 

    The Purcell Tourism Committee (PTC) was established by City of Purcell Ordinance No. 20-03 to promote and champion efforts to make Purcell an overnight visitor destination.

    Our Purpose

    The purpose of the  Purcell Tourism Committee is to review and approve proposals for the expenditure of funds collected by the Purcell Lodging Tax pursuant to the City of Purcell Ordinance 20-03.  The expenditures shall be designated for advertising and promotion of tourism events and venues, tourism event, and venue infrastructure and administration.

    Our Mission

    The PLTC drives quality of life and economic growth for our citizens through tourism marketing and destination development.

    Purcell's Lodging Tax Background

    Citizens of the City of Purcell voted on Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 to approve a new lodging tax. The tax is intended to enhance tourism by helping to fund event advertising, and to help create and maintain venue infrastructure, without taxing the citizens of our community.

    Why the lodging tax?

    • Our community has many economic development and tourism needs.
    • We have limited revenue streams to provide resources to meet those needs.
    • Lodging taxes are widely accepted and implemented in other cities.
    • It has the potential to generate more sales tax revenue from sources outside of our community.

    Who does the tax apply to?

    This tax applies to guests staying in any hotel, motel, Airbnb, bed and breakfast, RV park, or any other entity that collects a daily fee for an overnight stay.  This tax does not apply to permanent residents of Purcell.

    How much is the lodging tax?

    The lodging tax in Purcell is 5%  In comparison, nearby cities like Pauls Valley, Ardmore, Norman, Chickasha, and Oklahoma City all range between 5% to 5.5%.

    How will the funds be administered?

    The Lodging Tax Committee will collect and disperse the funds per specified guidelines in the PLTC bylaws.  Members of the PLTC include a designated City Council Member, the City Manager, the Director of Parks & Recreation, a local Hotel Representative, a Citizen at Large, a local Merchant, and the Heart of Oklahoma Executive Director.

    How are funds collected?

    Lodging proprietors collect the lodging tax from non-resident lodging guests.  The taxes collected are submitted to the City Clerk monthly by the 15th of each month and are deposited into a designated special fund.  If a lodging proprietor pays after the 25th of each month, they must pay a past due fee with a penalty.

    How will the tax be spent?

    Funds collected will be used for advertising and promotion of tourism events and venues such as billboards, print, radio, tv, social media, etc.  Government or non-profit owned tourism events and venue infrastructure.  For example, enhancements to existing public amenities such as parks, recreation areas, museums, etc.  The goal is to fund events that create overnight stays.

  • Purcell Tourism Committee Looking To Fill Open Position Purcell Tourism Committee Looking To Fill Open Position

    As of May, 2022 the Purcell Tourism Committee has collected $102,471.87 from the 5% lodging tax that went into effect in July of 2021.  The lodging tax is collected from overnight visitors to Purcell’s hotels, motels, RV parks, and Airbnb’s. 

    The seven-member committee is working to consider the best ways to utilize lodging tax revenues to promote tourism opportunities and venues in the city.  In May 2022, the committee voted to add billboards on north and south bound I-35 to draw more visitors off the interstate and into Purcell.  The advertising campaign will promote the city’s lodging providers, restaurants, site-seeing hotspots, and shopping opportunities.

    Currently the committee is a member short and is looking for someone to fill the position of Citizen At Large.  The new member should be active in our community, eager to help promote our city, and can attend meetings regularly.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 5:15pm at the City Hall Community Room, unless otherwise posted. 

    The committee is also looking to promote upcoming events in Purcell.  Event coordinators looking for financial assistance for their event can submit an application for review.

    If you wish to apply for financial assistance, or would like for information about the Citizen At Large position, you can email info@destinationpurcell.com or call Purcell Parks at (405) 527-3093 for more questions.

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