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  • Goldsby, Oklahoma

    Goldsby, located in Township 8 North, Range 3 West, Section 24 in McClain County and on State Highway 74 south of Interstate 35, was incorporated on January 18, 1962, to avoid incorporation into the city of Norman. The town's namesake, Francis Walter Goldsby, who was known locally as Frank "Walton" Goldsby, had moved into the area in 1892. He was the first county commissioner in District Three at statehood. His father, Peter R. Goldsby, was an intermarried citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and a former county judge of Panola County, Indian Territory.

    Goldsby's first official census, in 1970, registered 298 residents, and the town grew to 603 in 1980 and to 816 in 1990. The Town of Goldsby owns the local water authority. Although Goldsby was formerly home to small stores and businesses, it now resembles a Norman suburb, with residents driving to nearby cities for entertainment and shopping. There has never been a post office in Goldsby; mail service has been provided by neighboring Washington. Perry Airport has been deeded to the Town of Goldsby by the Aeronautical Association. It is a community airport providing hangars and flying lessons, and works with Norman's Max Westheimer Airport on related activities. The community's 2000 population was 1,204, and the 2010 census recorded 1,801 residents.

    Joyce A. Rex



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