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  • Learn About Us Learn About Us


    The Heart of Oklahoma Chamber wants to help you make the connections necessary for your business to grow in our community. Attend events like our luncheons, Annual Awards Banquet, Chamber Community Coffees, Annual Golf Tournament and so much more to get the referrals you need. 

    Marketing and Advertising 

    The Chamber offers numerous ways to market your business. Advertise on our website, monthly newsletter publications or sponsor events to get the visibility you're looking for. 

    Sponsorship Opportunities 

    Support your local Chamber by sponsoring an event and increasing your visibility in the community. Sponsorship opportunities are offered throughout the year and allow you to market your business and support your local community.  


    Consumers believe that being a part of a chamber demonstrates good business practices and signifies a stable business. We want to help you with that credibility- find out more about being a member of the Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce here. 

    Leadership Development 

    Get the tools and resources you need to grow and establish yourself as a business leader. Attend our workshops and learn from other reputable community leaders how to not only establish yourself as a leader but grow your business. 


    Looking to increase awareness of your business and position yourself as a credible business leader? Committees are a great way to serve your community while increasing your visibility. 


    At the Heart of Oklahoma Chamber, we want to give you a voice in the community to impact public policy that affect our business owners. Attend one of our Legislative Luncheons and take part in voicing your concerns about current policies. 

  • Our Mission Statement Our Mission Statement

    To provide a leadership role in the advancement of economic growth while enhancing the quality of life in “The Heart of Oklahoma”.


  • Four Legs of the Chamber Four Legs of the Chamber

    • Business Advocacy: Support member businesses through networking and continuing education.
    • Economic Development: Highlight our area's resources to companies looking to start or relocate their businesses.  
    • Quality of Life: Organize and sponsor community events, parades, and festivals.
    • Tourism: Work with local leaders to increase the amount of people who eat, shop, and stay in our area. 


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