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    To provide a leadership role in the advancement of economic growth while enhancing the quality of life in “The Heart of Oklahoma”.

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  • Purcell Multipurpose Center

    The Purcell Multipurpose Center is located near Purcell City Lake and next door to the Brent Bruehl Memorial Golf Course. 


    The Multipurpose Center has a small banquet room, a large banquet room, a full kitchen, and an indoor basketball court.  All of these facilities can be reserved for special events.


    Different classes are hosted during the week such as basketball, aerobics, dance, art and music by many local instructors.

  • Contact Parks & Recreation Contact Parks & Recreation

    Email: parks@purcellok.gov


    Phone: (405) 527-7227

    Emergency: (405) 527-4600


    Physical Address:

    1400 Chandler Road

    Purcell, OK 73080


    Mailing Address:

    230 W. Main St.

    Purcell, OK 73080

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