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  • Purcell's Walk the Trail Day 2021

    The City of Purcell Parks & Recreation Department along with the Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce is happy to host Purcell's Walk the Trail Day at Purcell City Lake!  We are joining the American Hiking Society in celebrating National Trails Day!  Spend the day enjoying Phase 1 of the Lake Trail with fun and games and food!  The event is completely FREE to the public!

    When and Where?

    June 5th, 20201
    Purcell City Lake Trail
    1400 Chandler Road
    Purcell, OK 73080
    10:30am to 1:30pm

    Have fun with Trail Games!

    Different businesses and organizations will be setting up booths along the lake trail offering free games and activities to participate in!

    1. Pick up the games map at Chandler Pavilion/Chamber table at the beginning of the trail.
    2. Visit each vendor booth on the trail, participate in their game or activity, and they will stamp their name on the map.
    3. When you reach Rotary Pavilion, the Parks staff will stamp your map for your free hot dog and snow cone!
    4. When you have received a stamp from every vendor on your map, turn it in at Chandler Pavilion to get your completion prize!  You'll also get your name enter in the grand prize drawings!
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      Heart of Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce
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      Purcell Police Department
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      The Bean's - Mr. Yeti Snow Cones & Hot Chocolate
    • IMG_6448.jpg
      Purcell Parks & Recreation
    • IMG_6452.jpg
      Purcell Parks & Recreation
    • IMG_6485.jpg
      Purcell Fire Department
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    • IMG_6422.jpg
      Norman Regional Hospital
    • IMG_6427.jpg
      Cleveland County Health Department
    • IMG_6431.jpg
      Christian Life Church
    • IMG_6434.jpg
      Pruitt Investments
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      Pioneer Library
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  • Free Food and Games!

    Free hot dog and snow cone?  Yes please!  To get your free hot dog and snow cone, you must have a copy of the trail map which you can pick up at the Chandler Pavilion.

    Bean bag toss, sack races, story walk, parachute, hula hoops, hacky sacks, bouncy balls, ping pong bucket toss, relay, ladder toss, ring toss, super hero capes, and bounce house!

    Grand Prize Drawings!

    Grand prize drawings will be announced soon!!!

    Covid-19 Vaccine Opportunity!

    The McClain County Health Department will be offering Covid-19 vaccines at the event for free!

    Our Event Sponsors:

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