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  • The City of Lexington


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    About Us

    Lexington’s History

    Before the land run of 1889, a group of men from Lexington, Kentucky chose some prairie land by the South Canadian River to make a townsite. The day of the land run, the men boarded a train to Guthrie, the territorial capital, and staked their claim. That town became Lexington, Oklahoma. The oldest in the original Oklahoma Territory.

    At one time Lexington boasted about 30 drinking and gambling establishments. Making the town, “The Saloon Capital of the Territory”. Lexington was nicknamed “The Sand Bar Town” before statehood. However, in 1907 the saloon era had ended because Oklahoma entered the union as a dry state and bar keepers were forced to close their doors.

    The town flourished between 1907 and 1911 and became the trade center of south Cleveland County. Especially, when in 1911, a new steel bridge was built across the river connecting Lexington and Purcell.

    In 1890, the population was recorded at 223 people. Now, over 2,200 people call Lexington, OK their home.

    We invite you to become a part of our Growing Community

    “Information provided by Chamber of Commerce”