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  • Freeborn Dysphagia Associates - Swallow and Speech Services


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    About Us

    Freeborn Dysphagia Associates, LLC, a Professional Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), was established in February of 2018 and is an allied health service delivery company providing on-site, contract transnasal fiber-endoscopic assessments (FEES) and consultative services to residents/patients in healthcare facilities, hospitals, and other medical settings, suspected of having feeding and swallowing difficulties.

    Services are provided by an FDA-employed Speech-Language Pathologist, specially-trained, nationally-certified, and state-licensed as a Speech-Language Pathologist and endoscopist. Freeborn Dysphagia Associates, LLC, is a service-delivery business providing professional, transnasal endoscopic assessments (FEES) onsite, in the facility, at bedside and in the patient/resident’s natural environment. There is no need to disrupt your patient or add extra stress to your patient, other allied staff, or remove a patient from the facility to get quality instrumental swallowing evaluations.

    Licensed, specialty-trained and nationally-certified Speech-Language Pathologists travel to contract medical facilities in throughout the state of Oklahoma to administer the endoscopic assessment procedure with the request of a licensed speech pathologist and a physician’s order. Assessment results provide physicians and other care providers with definitive evidence of swallowing impairment, swallowing characteristic defined by an evidenced based nominal rating scale, and its severity.

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