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    To provide a leadership role in the advancement of economic growth while enhancing the quality of life in “The Heart of Oklahoma”.

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  • Standley Systems



    About Us

    For more than 80 years, Standley Systems has excelled in providing leading 24/7 customer service and support, paired with the industry’s most innovative office automation and document management solutions for hundreds of Oklahoma businesses. We offer a full line of digital equipment and state of the art software solutions for today’s document management challenges.

    As an Oklahoma based company, Standley Systems spans all 77 counties with six locations to satisfy all of your office workflow needs. We are proud to serve and invest exclusively in Oklahoma. Standley’s products and solutions provide comprehensive technologies and services in an effort to reduce consumption and operating costs.

    Our core values drive our passion to provide customers with a trusted partner in the managed print and network services industry.

    At Standley Systems, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of honesty and conduct our business with a commitment to professionalism, diversity and respect for all people.


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