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  • Welcome to the Heart of Oklahoma! Welcome to the Heart of Oklahoma!

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  • Adult Education: OKLAHOMA's RESOLUTE



    About Us

    About us: We offer 3-week intensive study sessions, for students (16+, who want to earn their high school diploma). Our classes, in Nov., are T.. W., and Th, Nov.2 - 18. (anytime between 8:30 and 2:00 pm) We are located in the Ol' Purcell Jr. High, on Apache St,

    After one has completed 12 hrs in class, an online study program is available, to compliment (or substitute for) classwork. The fee to begin classes is $20.

    Testing in 5 subjects is required, to earn a diploma. These tests are given about once a month, at the Mid-America Vo-Tech, in Wayne. (Cost of each official test is $22.50. Some scholarships are available.)

    OKLAHOMA's RESOLUTE will resume classes on Jan 25th:
    8:30 am (to 2:00pm), Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    This class is for adult students, 16+, who will let nothing stop them from earning their high school diploma.

    This Open-Enrollment cost is $20 and can provide the opportunity to study in-person and/or online, until all 5 tests are passed.

    Classes are also held at old Jr High Building in Purcell (& on Tuesday & Thursday evenings, 5:30-9:00, Wynnewood Middle School.)

    This, particular 3-week intensive study session, will be followed by officially HiSET testing on Feb 11th.

    Text 405-863-3747, or call 405-222-6562, for more information.

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